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Activated carbon filter media used to make Mask


Modell: 02580


  Activated carbon filter media used to make  Mask   Activated carbon filter media is made from activated carbon particle with non woven fabric on bothside,  
There three kind of activated carbon filter meida:
1 activated carbon particel filter media
   which are made of tiny activated carbon  particls and cover with non woven fabric on both side, 
    this kind of filter can effitive in blocking harmful substances.
2 Actiavetd carbon fiber filter media
   made of activted carbon fiber , can absorb 90% odor ,
3 Activatd carbon fiber compposite cloth
made of activated carbon fiber and polyester fiber , strong ware resistance, low xost ,can be shape into different shapes, used as exposure suit , deodorization and mattress.
It is good at  absorbing odor and collecting dust. Can adsorb  benzene  and other harmful gas .
It is used to remove stink,volatilizer ,bacterium germ and various contaminants in the air ,such as the paint spray ,the common contaminants in electronics factory and museum ,and the odor in food processing plant and hospital.  

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